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Why get my wisdom teeth out?

  Wisdom teeth, especially those that are stuck down in the bone or gums (impacted), can cause some major complications. The typical symptoms are usually just soreness in the area as the tooth comes in. But a majority of wisdom teeth don't come into the mouth nice and straight. Most people have at least one wisdom tooth that is heading towards problems such as: Wisdom Teeth Infection


     A tooth that is stuck or impacted in the bone can leave a space under the gums and

into the bone where bacteria, food, and other irritants can get lodged. When this happens,

an infection grows in the area. It can be very painful and in some cases can lead to infections of the face and throat. In extreme cases this can result in major surgery or death.


Crowding and damage to other teeth

    Wisdom teeth that are coming into the mouth at the wrong angle will tend to lean against the tooth in front of it. This added pressure will push the other teeth forward in the mouth and usually shows up as crowding of the bottom front teeth.

    If the wisdom teeth get stuck up under the tooth in front, it will slowly damage the roots of that tooth to the extent where we sometimes need to take both teeth out due to the extent of the damage.

Cyst Formation

     A cyst is similar to a tumor that forms in the bone around an impacted wisdom tooth. The cyst destroys the bone around the tooth and can sometimes continue to grow and destroy a large portion of the jaw. If left too long, these cysts may require major surgery and removal iof a portion of the lower jaw.


My wisdom teeth came in straight, why should I remove them?

    A recent study finds that third molars which have broken through the tissue and erupted into the mouth in a normal, upright position may be as prone to disease as those third molars that remain impacted.

    I had the wisdom teeth on my left side extracted because they were impacted. The teeth on my right side came in straight so we allowed them to stay. Sure enough, later in life I started having problems back there because I was having a tough time brushing way back there. Eventually my tooth broke in half and after a couple days of pain, I had it removed. Sometimes its best not to wait for something horrible to happen.

Must the Tooth Come Out if it Hasn't Caused Any Problems Yet?

     Not all problems related to third molars are painful or visible. Damage can occur without your being aware of it. As wisdom teeth grow, their roots become longer, the teeth become more difficult to remove and complications become more likely. In addition, impacted wisdom teeth are more likely to cause problems as patients age.

    No one can predict when third molar complications will occur, but when they do, the circumstances can be much more painful and the teeth more difficult to treat. It is estimated that about 85% of third molars will eventually need to be removed.

When Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom Teeth Growth by Age


                                     14 years                                  17 years                                     25 years

Wisdom teeth are easier to remove when the patient is younger, since their roots are not completely formed, the surrounding bone is softer, and there is less chance of damaging nearby nerves or other structures. Removal of wisdom teeth at a later age becomes more complicated as the roots have fully developed (may involve the nerve), and the jawbone is denser.

It isn't wise to wait until your wisdom teeth start to bother you. In general, earlier removal of wisdom teeth results in a less complicated healing process.We strongly recommend that wisdom teeth be removed by the time the patient is a young adult in order to prevent future problems and to ensure optimal healing.The research has found that older patients may be at greater risk for disease, including periodontitis, in the tissues surrounding the third molars and adjacent teeth.

What Happens During Surgery?

Before surgery, we sit down and discuss with you what to expect. We take a look at your case and determine any difficulties that may occur. This is a good time to ask questions or express your concerns. It is especially important to let us know about any illness you have and medications you are taking.

Will I Be Asleep During Surgery?

Most wisdom tooth extractions are performed in our office under IV sedation. You will be completely comfortable during the surgery and will have no recollection of the procedure afterwards. You will simply remember going to sleep and when you wake up it will be all finished.

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